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Cotton Furnishings created at Handfab Home are renowned for their quality and style all over the world.

Handfab Home translates seasonal trends and designs, as conceived by the buyers, into their coordinated programs for Home Furnishings that offer unique lifestyles. Also designs are created and offered by Handfab Home’s design team.

Through their own manufacturing facilities Handfab Home produces a wide range of Home Furnishings like rugs, table linen, cushion covers, bed linen, kitchen linen, bathroom linen, curtains, cotton blankets, knits and throws.

Cotton Home Furnishings made at Handfab Home brighten the modern lifestyles and add beauty to homes across the nations. They are preferred by leading stores, around the globe.

India has an old tradition of craftsmanship of hand created products - known for their unique beauty. Handfab Home is proud to be part of this tradition.